About Us

Driven by our mission, enabled by mealworms

Founded by scientists and environmental activists in 2011, Ynsect is pioneering a new industry realizing the full potential of mealworms – putting them at the service of humanity, the planet, and the living world at large.

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of insect farming experience

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or over 50% of the entire patent portfolio of our industry

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Employees worldwide

including France, the Netherlands, and USA

What differentiates us?

Two insect powerhouses

We have not one, but two, mealworm species in our portfolio, offering some of the highest-quality insect nutritional profiles approved for consumption. Complementary to one another, they are a premium source of protein, vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

What differentiates us?

Record-breaking financing

Having raised $500M USD to date, we are backed by highly-reputable investment funds and associations all over the world, including Astanor, BPI France, Crédit Agricole, Upfront, and Robert Downey Jr.’s Footprint Coalition. Our Series C fundraising of $372M USD in 2020 constituted the largest amount ever raised by an agtech company outside the USA.

What differentiates us?

Cutting-edge technology

Our pioneering work lead to 370+ patents,  or over 50% of the entire patent portfolio of our industry. They reflect our position of leadership, and ensure that every part of our process and product is optimized for maximum health, impact, and productivity.

What differentiates us?

Widespread presence

With established production sites already in Europe and the USA (Nebraska), we entered an accelerated phase of international development in 2023 with the signing of two new partnership agreements in the USA and Mexico, with Ardent Mills and Corporativo Kosmos respectively.

Our Values

When you create a new industry from scratch, you need to know who you are and where you’re going. At Ynsect, we have deep-rooted foundations that anchor us all.


Ÿnsect over the years

Since the initial four’s big idea eleven years ago (Antoine HubertJean-Gabriel LevonAlexis Angot, Fabrice Berro), we’ve come a long way. Every stage of our journey deserves credit it, as it got us to where we are now: at the forefront of a new industry helping to change the world.

1 idea and 4 passionate scientists and environmental activists come together to co-found Ÿnsect.
Ynsect joins a famous, innovation-oriented French incubator, Agoranov. Ynsect co-coordinates one of the largest R&D programs on insect-based products. The project, called DESIRABLE, is granted €1M by ANR.
Ynsect launches its lab-scale production in partnership with renowned research centers.
Ynsect is joined by eminent partners to develop its strategy and raises €2M with Emertec and Demeter. Ynsect wins the world pride 2030 prize and is the French cleantech company of the year. Ynsect opens a new facility at the Genopole biocluster.
Ynsect closes a second financing round of €6M at the end of 2014 and with the help of €6M of public support, Ynsect invests €15M in the construction of Ynsite, a pilot vertical farm and a world-first.
Ynsect delivers to its first customers in the petfood sector, after the opening of their pilot farm, in Dole, France. The company produces several hundreds of tons of finished products per year. Ynsect obtains ISO 9001 certification.
Ynsect closes a third financing round of €15M from BPI, Quadia and existing partners. Thanks to this fundraising, Ynsect accelerates its development and begins the building of its first farm.
Ynsect announces the installation of Ynfarm next to Amiens, France. At the same time, Ynsect exceeds 100 employees. Moreover, the latest studies in R&D demonstrate once more the remarkable performance of Ynmeal and Ynfrass.
Ynsect draws on pioneering proprietary technology protected by 25 patents and files the building permit for the world’s largest insect farm.
Ynsect raises $372M USD, the largest fundraising for an agtech firm outside of the US, enabling the start of the construction of Ynfarm. Ynsect also joins the Next40, a government organization that promotes promising companies. In January, Ynsect was invited to Davos for the first time, at the World Economic Forum.
Ynsect enters the human food market. On January 13th, the European food safety authority (EFSA) deems mealworms safe for human consumption. Ynsect acquires Dutch agtech business Protifarm, increasing production capacity and mealworm species from one to two. The company also increases its patent portfolio to 300+.
Following the integration of Jord Producers into the business, Ynsect enters the North American market. On July 4th, the European food safety authority (EFSA) deems Buffalo mealworms safe for human consumption.
Ynsect expands its global presence and completes construction of Ynfarm, the world’s biggest insect farm, accelerating its delivery to clients.

People are our most valuable asset