Why Ynfrass?

Effective, natural,

The world’s current fertilizer options do not respond to all our needs.

We need to innovate.

Food efficiency is essential

With 10 billion mouths to feed by 2050, we need to up our food productivity. High-quality fertilizer is essential to reach our goals.

Our organic fertilizer is naturally very rich in N, P, and K, is quick-releasing, and regenerates the Earth’s precious soils. It’s a win-win for farmers, their plants, and the planet.

Current fertilizers fall short

NPK fertilizers, the most popular choice, carry potential pollution threats and can even be harmful to soil. Conversely, organic fertilizers (such as manure) have positive environmental effects, but inconsistent performance on plant growth.

NPK fertilizers are effective but not sustainable

Organic fertilizers are sustainable but inconsistent

A solution in Ynfrass

Our fertilizer combines the best of both worlds: it’s highly effective and soil-friendly. When compared with the use of a 100% chemical fertilizer, studies have shown that Ynfrass:

Increases biomass and yield of crops:

Is odorless

Compared with other types of organic fertilizers, and is very easy to use

Works quickly

Releasing over one-third of its C and N content within the first week — as opposed to around a year, for farmyard manure.

Improves soil health:

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